Every morning, I light the burners, trim the vegetables, and lumber toward some ineffable sense of progress. Hours later, I’m scrubbing the counters, scouring the burnt edges of the stove with a steel wool pad, waiting for insight. All I ever seem to get is a trail of breadcrumbs, a tiny string of clues about…… Continue reading Breadcrumbs

A soup for later : Zuppa alla frantoiana

This recipe isn’t exactly spring-friendly, but I just can’t help myself because it is so. damn. good. Bookmark it for next winter when the days get short and hope is spare. Or swap out the squash for zucchini, make it today and let it rest overnight in the fridge to serve the following afternoon at…… Continue reading A soup for later : Zuppa alla frantoiana

A Italian affair to remember

This September I’ll be leading a group of ten people on a food tour through Rome and Tuscany. I’ve had the tremendous good fortune to live in both regions for long stretches of time, and I designed this tour to highlight my favorite aspects of Roman and Tuscan food culture. This is my Love Letter…… Continue reading A Italian affair to remember