Green tomato salsa

I’m working part-time on a farm in southern Wisconsin, and we have a plethora of green tomatoes that didn’t get a chance to ripen ahead of the first frost. Should you find yourself with an abundance of green tomatoes, this salsa is an excellent way to give them new life. It’s delicious over roasted pork,…… Continue reading Green tomato salsa

Tomatoes Niçoise

I wrote this piece a couple weeks ago in ode to my favorite fruit then forgot to post it. Now we’re in October and are preparing for the first freeze of the season. If you still have access to good tomatoes, keep reading and consider giving them the careful consideration they’re due. * I went…… Continue reading Tomatoes Niçoise

Topping and tailing : Fagioli lessi

“I’m gonna grab an espresso. Any else want one?” Sam’s raises his hand, then continues dragging a giant crate of string beans over to one of the long wooden tables in the cortile. He lifts the crate and dumps them out in front of Cybelle, who is sitting and waiting patiently for us to join…… Continue reading Topping and tailing : Fagioli lessi

Kicking the can : Summer corn, peach, and tomato salad

My family moved to the Chicago suburbs from Wisconsin before I started school. Our house sat in the middle of a cul-de-sac. Almost all of our neighbors had kids around me and my sisters’ ages. We spent the summers playing kick the can and tag football in the street. On Saturdays, my mom went to…… Continue reading Kicking the can : Summer corn, peach, and tomato salad

Tomatoes, again : Pan con tomato

When I was a kid, my mother had a couple clusters of garden space situated on the periphery of our giant backyard. Our backyard was a rectangle shape and had two small hills of man-made landscaping on either side. The fence line buttressed the bike path and, behind that, the Metra, a commuter train that…… Continue reading Tomatoes, again : Pan con tomato

Sarah Grueneberg’s Oven-dried Tomatoes

I don’t know if Sarah invented these, but she taught me how to make them when I worked in the kitchen at Monteverde. They are so simple and so delicious. She served them as a garnish for their pasta al pomodoro, which would suit me just fine as my last meal on earth. I like…… Continue reading Sarah Grueneberg’s Oven-dried Tomatoes