Stretching : Lovage salsa verde

I love cooking with fresh herbs. They are one of my favorite cooking tools and can amplify or round-out any dish. I tend to stick to my short-list of favorites: flat-leaf parsley, cilantro, dill, and thyme. Oh, the things one can do with a couple sprigs of thyme. Gratins! Marinades! Beans! Now that the Midwest…… Continue reading Stretching : Lovage salsa verde

Slow work : Mushroom ragu

It’s the Slow Work that I find most enticing. Not quick fixes or last-minute meals, but the long slogs, the upward hauls, the one-step-forward-two-steps-back, the tales of suffering and redemption. Slow Work is time-consuming, often enervating, sometimes boring. The rewards are not immediate. It takes faith and discipline to stick to the plan, regardless of…… Continue reading Slow work : Mushroom ragu

Any Excuse to Eat Aiöli : Summer salad with aiöli

Here’s an axiom that perfectly describes my culinary predilections: I will find any excuse to eat aiöli. This is where I found myself the other day driving home with aiöli on the brain. Even though the weather has been mild and breezy the past couple of days, I’m still inclined to avoid turning on the…… Continue reading Any Excuse to Eat Aiöli : Summer salad with aiöli

A Ligurian feast : Pesto clasico

Over the past month, I’ve taken a deep dive into the gastronomical culture of Liguria, which culminated in this week’s Ligurian-themed dinner paying homage to this beautiful slice of Italy. While it’s the third smallest region in the country, following Valle d’Aosta and Molise, Liguria’s capital, Genoa, is the sixth largest city in Italy and…… Continue reading A Ligurian feast : Pesto clasico

A timeless cookbook : Montpellier butter

You can learn a lot about a person by browsing their bookshelf. I have a friend who used to cook professionally and is now opening a restaurant with her partner, who left his position as a chef at the French Laundry to undertake the project. On a recent visit, I admired their collection. It takes…… Continue reading A timeless cookbook : Montpellier butter

A Word about Mastery : Zhoug

I am an enthusiastic learning. When I first moved to Italy, I convinced the director of the Italian language school where I was studying to place me in a class well beyond my comprehension level because I was desperate to reach a language fluency that would enable me to shoot the breeze with the barista…… Continue reading A Word about Mastery : Zhoug

Patterns : Anchovy-rosemary marinade

Happy middle of January everyone! If you aspire to cook more and maybe even resolved earlier this month to do just that, consider starting with your pantry. Arming yourself with the essentials will make the cooking part flow more easily. I take great heart in knowing that it doesn’t take much to make a nice…… Continue reading Patterns : Anchovy-rosemary marinade