Rethinking zucchini : Lombrichelli with zucchini and guanciale

I told my friend, Sarah, I was working on a post about my favorite summer pasta dish with squash. “Send it my way,” she said. “Squash is always so drab.” It can be true, particularly with certain varieties of zucchini, whose unusually high water content render them almost flavorless. Water-logged vegetables like zucchini and radishes…… Continue reading Rethinking zucchini : Lombrichelli with zucchini and guanciale

Topping and tailing : Fagioli lessi

“I’m gonna grab an espresso. Any else want one?” Sam’s raises his hand, then continues dragging a giant crate of string beans over to one of the long wooden tables in the cortile. He lifts the crate and dumps them out in front of Cybelle, who is sitting and waiting patiently for us to join…… Continue reading Topping and tailing : Fagioli lessi

A Italian affair to remember

This September I’ll be leading a group of ten people on a food tour through Rome and Tuscany. I’ve had the tremendous good fortune to live in both regions for long stretches of time, and I designed this tour to highlight my favorite aspects of Roman and Tuscan food culture. This is my Love Letter…… Continue reading A Italian affair to remember

To Rome, With Love : Eggplant parm

I moved to Rome in the fall of 2015.  I had finished culinary school and was there to intern in a kitchen at an academy for American scholars. My first visit was three years earlier while I was living in Florence. I was there to meet a lover for the weekend. Together we trounced through…… Continue reading To Rome, With Love : Eggplant parm

Feasting on Life

On sunny Saturday mornings like these I’m reminded of Rome. I remember sitting in a café in Prati, crumbs of shortbread cookie caught in my sweater, an Italian newspaper sprawled across the bar. I remember the simplicity of such intentionality, rooting myself in a place to observe. Sometimes I’d bring my notebook and write. Mostly…… Continue reading Feasting on Life