Ricotta + Spinach Gnudi

Gnudi is an English-adopted Tuscan word meaning nude, the idea being these dumplings are ravioli minus the pasta. Take care not to add too much flour to the mixture as excess flour makes the dumplings dense and unpalatable. Also note the ricotta needs to be drained ahead of time. To drain the ricotta, place it…… Continue reading Ricotta + Spinach Gnudi

Topping and tailing : Fagioli lessi

“I’m gonna grab an espresso. Any else want one?” Sam’s raises his hand, then continues dragging a giant crate of string beans over to one of the long wooden tables in the cortile. He lifts the crate and dumps them out in front of Cybelle, who is sitting and waiting patiently for us to join…… Continue reading Topping and tailing : Fagioli lessi

Sweet and sour : Zucchini in agrodolce

The dog has pancreatitis. The beaches in Chicago are still closed. I sprained my toe three weeks ago and still can’t run on it. The coronavirus continues, leaving in its wake remnants of hope and optimistic spirits. The end is nowhere in sight and despair is never farther than a few breaths away. This week…… Continue reading Sweet and sour : Zucchini in agrodolce

Don’t be a bonehead : Turnip soup with greens

In Italian, turnip is rapa; the plural, rape (pronounced RA-peh). Rapa also means bald or shaved head; in slang, una rapa is someone who’s acting like a bonehead. Every time I see one of the college bros who live down the street from me throw garbage into the blue recycling bins, I want to yell:…… Continue reading Don’t be a bonehead : Turnip soup with greens

Stretching : Lovage salsa verde

I love cooking with fresh herbs. They are one of my favorite cooking tools and can amplify or round-out any dish. I tend to stick to my short-list of favorites: flat-leaf parsley, cilantro, dill, and thyme. Oh, the things one can do with a couple sprigs of thyme. Gratins! Marinades! Beans! Now that the Midwest…… Continue reading Stretching : Lovage salsa verde