One time I ate a meal

I’ll be turning 35 this month, which means I’ve eaten roughly 38,325 meals over the course of my lifetime. Some have been rote and unimpressive. I went through a streak in college where I survived off of wet spaghetti and turkey sandwiches that tasted like cardboard. Others have been more memorable. * One time I…… Continue reading One time I ate a meal

How to take care

I collapsed into the stiff-backed wooden chair. We’d been driving all day. As the coastline receded in the rearview mirror and our little green Fiat climbed higher toward the island’s core, my mind ruminated over that thing I search for three times a day, that ephemeral, ecstatic feeling of stumbling into sustenance. The hostess appeared…… Continue reading How to take care

Notebook pasta

I was flipping through old notebooks and found this recipe scribbled down in smudged black ink. There’s no date on the journal entry. Boil a 4 qt pot of pasta water. Salt generously. Thinly slice 3 cloves of garlic. In a skillet, gently heat 2T XVO. Add garlic. Watch it dance. After a min or…… Continue reading Notebook pasta

A fleeting beauty : Chive and gruyere soufflé

I am not much of a planner. I tend to do things at last minute. I write these blog posts the day before they’re due. I cook dinner based off whatever I can find in the fridge and pantry. When I travel, although I will do some research ahead of time, I prefer to ask…… Continue reading A fleeting beauty : Chive and gruyere soufflé

A cold drink : Ashraf’s lemonade

I met Heather and Ashraf through Heather’s brother, Chris. He and I were colleagues in a small business workshop a couple years ago, and he hired me to cook for Heather and Ashraf as a gift. I went on a Saturday morning and forgot to confirm my arrival time. I knocked on their apartment door…… Continue reading A cold drink : Ashraf’s lemonade