We’re late. But it’s not our fault. Franco’s directive to meet at the lake was grossly imprecise; Lago Rosamarina is one of the largest lakes in Sicily. I input the address for the sporting complex, which I presume is somewhat centrally located. It’s only after we’ve descended a path that can’t be described as a…… Continue reading Caccamo


Pretty little onions

It all started with an onion. It was my first day in Italy. Trapped in a haze of jet lag the way polluted air gets trapped inside a valley surrounded by mountains. Eager to get to bed, but never one to go to bed hungry, I dragged myself to the grocery store. The onions –…… Continue reading Pretty little onions

Doing the work

My close friend’s father passed away a couple weeks ago. He’d been sick with cancer for years. Endured an onslaught of medical interventions: drugs, transfusions, chemo. For a while, it seemed there was no end in sight. Until one day there was. He was healthy enough to attend her wedding in 2019, although he moved…… Continue reading Doing the work