Doing the work

My close friend’s father passed away a couple weeks ago. He’d been sick with cancer for years. Endured an onslaught of medical interventions: drugs, transfusions, chemo. For a while, it seemed there was no end in sight. Until one day there was. He was healthy enough to attend her wedding in 2019, although he moved…… Continue reading Doing the work

Sauteed Rapini with Garlic and Chili

When I was 26 years old living as a student in Florence, I befriended an American woman – also a student – who was dating a man from Positano. This woman brought me to that mystical town wedged into the craggy mountainside just south of Naples three times. Each time, I found myself disappearing into…… Continue reading Sauteed Rapini with Garlic and Chili

Ricotta + Spinach Gnudi

Gnudi is an English-adopted Tuscan word meaning nude, the idea being these dumplings are ravioli minus the pasta. Take care not to add too much flour to the mixture as excess flour makes the dumplings dense and unpalatable. Also note the ricotta needs to be drained ahead of time. To drain the ricotta, place it…… Continue reading Ricotta + Spinach Gnudi

Parsnip cake with ginger cream cheese frosting

About a month ago, I started watching The Great British Baking Show again. It has become the crown jewel at the end of a long day. The contestants, many of whom have smooth, mellifluous British accents, couldn’t be more pleasant and encouraging to one another. And their unbridled passion for baking is infectious. I loved…… Continue reading Parsnip cake with ginger cream cheese frosting

Green tomato salsa

I’m working part-time on a farm in southern Wisconsin, and we have a plethora of green tomatoes that didn’t get a chance to ripen ahead of the first frost. Should you find yourself with an abundance of green tomatoes, this salsa is an excellent way to give them new life. It’s delicious over roasted pork,…… Continue reading Green tomato salsa